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section viewport issues

Jonathan H


Hello, we're having issues with older files that have been updated to more recent versions. They get buggy. One major issue is my section viewports don't always display everything. For some reason the existing section is working but the new section is not. The new section has a combination of old and new layers. The only things displayed is the cut line and annotation linework. The top section is referencing the exact same roof layer as the bottom section but not displaying. Class settings are the same in both viewports. Any help is appreciated .


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2 things to check:


Select the section viewport. In the OIP click Advanced Properties…


At the top click the Extents Tab.


Look in the section called "Extents Beyond Cut Plane".  You probably want Infinite.  If it's set to Finite Depth and that depth is a very small number that could be what you are seeing.




While you're in the Advanced Section Properties dialog, click on the Attributes Tab.  There is a very cool option to set the class for the objects beyond the cut plane.  It's possible that the fill and line are set to another class and that class has a None line type.



Or it could be something else 🙂

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Hi All,
Same problem - older and newer files switched into 2023. The only thing that helps is re-starting. Before exporting i have to update half the set - then VW gives up and doesn't render proper. Save - restart - render the rest, export. Really tedious and frustrating.... I keep having to restart so many times a day - can't anticipate an update for this glitch!

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