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Annimation Rendering time question

Hunter B

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It's not so much the time it takes to render each frame of the annimation... it's the time it takes to get from the end of one frame to the begining of the next frame. I can see the rendering bar skip along fairly fast but the time it takes to get to a new rendering bar is aweful. javascript:void(0)

Eek! The frame can render in about 4 - 5 minutes but the switch over can take up to 13 minutes.

Does anybody else run across this issue?? Is there something I can do to speed this along??javascript:void(0)


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Ya'll won't believe this but I finally finished a 30 second annimation and handed it off to our video department and they asked "why the hell is the file so big???" We deduced that the annimation was rendered at SCREEN resolution...DOH!.... I guess I never really knew that, so I lowered my screen resolution and reduced the size of the initial rendering frame and ran the same annimation for a test. The original took 7 days to render the 2nd attempt at a lower resolution took only 1.5 Days.

THANKS for all the help!

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