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Searching for & loading images for textures


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Vectorworks 11 slows to a crawl when searching for images on my hard drive while creating textures. This has been a problem in version 10 and now version 11. I have found that making a file for each job speeds up the process. I was wonder if their was a some other fix for this issue?

I am running system 10.3.7 on a G5 Dual 2 Gig Powermac with 3 gigs of ram. I do not have this problem with Illustrator or Photoshop. I run Disc Warrior on a monthly basis for normal maintenance and I check and repair permissions at the same time.

Bob Tiedemann

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Do you happen to be on an enet server? Or do you have File Vault active? Normally, the first time you access the images directory is slow but from then on it's instantaneous. Perhaps its time to run a cron script ( Cocktail ) and update the 'whatis' and 'lookup' and maybe just maybe your permissions are corrupted somewhere. VW11 simply searches via the user/app/vectorworks/images/ ... path . If this path is corrupted in anyway then ... it breaks. Check on the path names and make sure there are no spaces at the beginning of any of the names.

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