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Dtm Rendering


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Hi all

Was wondering if any have had this problem with a dtm rendering .

Fairly big site 20Acres with big variation in contour heights .

When I go to render it wont even process on computer .

Only thing that happens is the screen changes to grey rendering and nothing else .

Even the mouse is free to use for other things usually when rendering the hour glass pops up and you are waiting.

Have tried to change the settings thru prefereces and document prefs right throuhout.

Altered back the renderworks options as well.

it will reneder on screen at about two miles away about 1/2 inch on screen .

Wont render in OpenGL,Artistic or fast or final quality only will do shaded polygons .

8871K file size .

windows XP

P4 2.8

1 gig ram

Dual monitor.


Have tried it on my other PC and the same happens.

I have done a number of dtms and this is the first time this has happened but also this is the first i have done this large.

Any ideas people??

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Dont sweet it people .

Jonathan as usuall sorts it out.

I trying to be clever intially set up my contours heights as presented on the plan so it was way up in 3d space.

As a result it wouldnt view.

But I should have done a better job of setting up a correct viewer height.


Jonathan the "yoda" of Vectorwoks.

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