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Still can not post images to forum



I'd post a picture of the error message, BUT I CAN'T POST PICTURES.

It's been over a year since I first reported this.

I've submitted support requests, and sent messages to forum mods.

I can submit VWX files, but not jpegs.

I find this extremely annoying, and it makes the forum less useful.

For example I'd like to post a picture of a dialog box where I have a question about a setting, but I can't.

Please Please Please fix this .


Error code as scene on my screen

"Sorry, and unknown server error occurred when uploading this file (error code: -200)"


I've tried this on multiple browsers with different security settings.




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There must be something wrong with the image file type that you are trying to post to the forum. I post images (JPEGs and PNGs) all the time to the forum without any issue, both from my MacBook Pro and my iPad.


Do your image files have a file type extension? ( .jpg, .png, etc).


I just made a screenshot of your post and uploaded it from my iPad.



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31 minutes ago, Mickey said:

Yes file extensions.

Windows 10 computer.


I've tried drag and drop, as well as choose files.

They're just jpeg files. Nothing special.




I don't have this issue.

I wonder if you have a browser or security issue on your end.

Do you experience the same thing on other site where you upload an image?

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