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Get values from database sub-row cell

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There is no way to get the value from a specific database subrow cell. The position of those cells is dynamic and can be changed by adding or deleting objects to the drawing or by changing the sort order or SUMmation of the database.


Most of the worksheet functions can be used in spreadsheet cells also by specifying the criteria as part of the function call.


What exactly are you trying to do and we can probably get you the correct syntax.

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Hi Pat, sorry for the late reply.

I was trying to extract some data from led modules that are part of an installation. i combined all different types in one single database and wanted to calculate with single entries for different options. Now that i know that this doesn´t work i splitted the main entries up to different sections so that the result of one part is good to calculate what i was trying .-)

Thanks for pointing out!


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I am having a similar issue with Subrow entrys in a marionette script.


i have a worksheet which calculates surface sizes by adding and subtracting stuff and i would like to redraw the shapes as flat rectangle polys at the corrected sizes as a surface treatment legend.


the problem i have is I cannot work out the syntax for the node "Get Cell Values". what do i need to put into nSubrow to get a number out of nformula


My calculated cells are in rows 1.1, 1.2, 1.3....  etc


All i seam to be able to create is a poly the size of the sum total of the width and height columns. I have tried every combination i can think of in the nRow and nSubrow. entering anything into nSubrow seems to give a "0" result.


I have attached where i am with it. any assistance would be great.



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You can not access the subrows in a worksheet.  Period. End of Sentence.


Except, if instead of a marionette, you created a Vectorscript or Python script as a Worksheet Script then that script will be able to get the information from the subrow, but it will not be able to tell what subrow it was in. And if you use the Worksheet Script to generate your polygons, they will probably be regenerated each time you recalculate the worksheet. There are ways around this (basically delete the previous object when the script is run), but it will make the script far more complicated.


You are probably better off building the calculations you need into the marionette instead of trying to pull them from the worksheet.



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