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Sweep issues in 2023 - basically unselectable.

hollister design Studio


I will admit I don't often use sweeps - so I may be doing something completely wrong...


But in 2023 sweeps seem to be basically not selectable in 3D.


The only way to select in 3D is to drag select.

And then I'm not able to move it or right click or get to the object context menu.


In any of the front/side/back views I can select ONLY in the very upper area (maybe the top 1/5th) but nowhere else.


Here's a full screen grab - with 2023 (blue shape) and 2022 (red shape).





Do I have some setting wrong in 2023?


I can attach files if this is not repeatable.

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@Pat Stanford

I closed both the computer and VW down and restarted -  same issue.


To add weirdness, I exported the sweep object into 2022 and the same issue happened there.

I created a simple sweep natively in 2022 and no issue with that one...


It must be a setting I have in 2023?


Just like in the video, no selection in 3D

Only the top 1/5th in front/side

Everything is fine in top/plan.


I've attached both files.


Sweep issue VW2023 exported to v2022.vwxSweep issue VW2023.vwx

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No Idea.  Some kind of corruption. Please file as a bug. I see the same issue as you.


If I change the Extrude Profile to None instead of Solid, then the object is selectable.


If I copy the profile out of the extrude and paste it into a new file and sweep it, it works fine. If I then copy that sweep back to the original file it works fine.


If I copy the profile out an sweep it again in the same file I get the same "unselectableness" as the original sweep.


I recommend that you copy all the good geometry out of the original file an paste it layer by layer into a new file and don't continue using the original file. There is something wrong there.

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