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I am in the process of producing a building model which will be produced in VW then 'montaged' onto a photo of an existing site in Photoshop. The images may be shown as evidence in court - therefore have to be 100% accurate.

When using the 'set 3D view' tool in VW, with perspective set to 'normal', is this the equivilent of a particular camera lens or the eye's view?

- has anyone any experience in producing v.accurate images with VW/P.shop? If so - what techniques do you use?

S Taverner

G5 2.0 Dual

1GB ram


VW/RW 10.5

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First I import the photo as a backdrop. Scale it to the page and place it in the exact center.

Then I trace lines of objects in the photo, that are parallel to the front and sides of the 3D building, and join these lines into vanishing points. Then I try to establish the true height of a corner of the building by comparing with an object in the photo of known height ? again using the lines from the vanishing points.

Then - alas - I fiddle a lot with the 'Set perspective', the 'Flyover tool', the 'Translate view tool' and (very carefully) with the 'Rotate view tool' using the photo as a backdrop.

Be sure to place the corner handles of the perspective window exactly over the corners of the imported photo, that you are using as a backdrop.

Sooner or later, I always get it just right. (Save view regularly!) I then render and export to the excact same pixel size as the photo used as backdrop.

Copy and paste the resulting rendering onto the photo in photoshop and delete the white background. And Bingo! ? the rest is easy.

I tried other ways, but none are as reliable, so good luck.

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We Architect users here in Australia and New Zealand have a camera tool (courtesy of Julian Carr at OzCAD).

Makes life much simpler.

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Information for the Oz/NZ architect users only.

The camera tool is located on the Architect tool pallette - 3rd from the bottom.

It is a very useful tool which allows you to place the camera in the 2D view - therefore enabling you to set the correct height and distance in relation to your model for the camera shot you have taken, or the view you desire.

To call up the 3D view all you do is click the appropriate box in the OIP and voila.

Very clever stuff courtesy of Julian Carr.

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not legeally. you could ask Julian Carr to sell it to you, but it comes with Architect Australia/New Zealand.

If you don't already have it, I can recommend Julian?s Windoor Manager for drawings complex doors and windows. This is also part of Architect Australia/New Zealand along with some very useful pen utilities and other useful tools, so you may as well buy the whole lot!

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