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Planar Boolean strange behaviour


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Hi all, hope someone could help me with this.


I was making a marionette which creates a grille with variable of height, width, no. of columns & rows. For some reason once I created a row of rectangles of verticals and horizontals, then try to add the two lot together it created something I wasn't expected and I couldn't quite figure out why. Any help would be much appreciated.



Screenshot 2022-10-21 at 17.36.01.png


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it seems like the "Planar Boolean" node is not working as expected if you want to add many objects to many objects. However the node is working properly if you try to add many objects to one object. Luckily in this case we can take advantage of that.

So i just took the first "Blank" rectangle and added all "Tool" rectangles to it. Than i added all remaining "Blank" rectangles to the resulting polygon of the step before.


I think this is only possible here because every "Blank" rectangle is overlapping every "Tool" rectangle. So this is NOT a good solution to the general problem, but maybe it solves your specific problem.


Here is an image of the things i changed in your network:





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