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I agree that this would be a huge improvement to Spotlight rendering. However, since Spotlight hasn't been really updated since 9.0.1. I am afraid that we are not a very high priority and since we would be the primary users of this feature I am not hopeful. If you need to see your beams or control gobo focus you can use Cinema 4D.

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I think you'd find that the absence of volumetric lighting is not so much Spotlight being "ignored"; (although I'm not arguing with you on that), as the reluctance by NNA to increase the cost of RW which would almost certainly follow from them licensing the advanced lighting options of their Lighting Engine.



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advanced? even with the voume abilities of spotlihgt I'd hardly call it advance compared to 3d render engines out there including cinema 4D's

Wheres the:

Shadow map size control and bias

Different falloff types for attenuation

edge and falloff colouration

Seriosuly while I'm forced to learn and use Renderworks, Anyone serious about rendering I'd point to the cinema bridge and Advanced renderer for advanced controls. Renderworks is more designed for the down and dirty quick renders.

If I've spent more then an hour setting up a render in Renderworks I know I should besetting it up in cinema from what I"ve encountered so far.

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Hey, What are you doing here? I stopped using renderworks at version 9.5 and started using C4D and haven't looked back but it is really not fair comparing VW and C4D it's like comparing Photoshop and Excel. They are completely different and designed to do completely different things and compliment each other very well. If you want to compare VW rendering to something comparable compare it to rendering in AutoCAD - YIKES. I think most of the users of renderworks spend the majority of thier time drafting and occasionally do a rendering. They probably can't dedicate the time to learn a whole new workflow but if you can, options are there. In renderworks is is super easy to slap on the included materials, throw in a few lights and click render. What you get is a reasonable representation of the drawing in perspective with colors. You're not going to convince anyone that it's a photograph but that is not always needed.

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as I said its deisgned more for the quick and dirt renders, it definitely has its uses but outside of some colour and light and very simple reflection/transparency its not designed for much else.

But if they wee to add in something like volume effects i dont' see why that owuld make it more advance and require an increase in price.

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It would be a huge improvement to spotlight users. Right now it is impossible to do this in VW/RW and this is exactly what spotlight users want to see. It would probably cost more because the rendering engine is licensed from Lightworks and they would have to upgrade to a more advanced package from them.


height="669" alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us" />

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Ah, thanks for clearing that up. Seriously they haven't let me play with spotlight yet (which is frsutrating as I understand theatre lighting and have done it professionally where I've never studied architecture) But form what spotlight looks like to me, it would be awesome if the bridge between VW and SPotlight could be improved where someone could actually have the different light types setup properly in cinema.

BTW, you asked what I'm dong here, Resolve picked me up as their cinema 4D expert, to start promoting selling and supporting cinema rather then selling a seat here and there. S now i also have to become familiar with VW as well. Hard jumping form AR and Sketch and toon to RW and ArtisticRW, but I'm surviving and you will see me a lot here, particularily in the renderworks section for now.

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There are a lot of talented RW users here who will be able to help. Unfortunately I'm not one of them as I stopped using it years ago and promptly forgot everything I once knew.

Not using spotlight might be a blessing in disguise. It the most frustrating and least updated module by far. There are still bugs present that were in 9.0.1.

It will be interesting to see what you can get out of it given your skill with other packages. Good luck!

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