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Exporting 3D VW Model for SketchUp?



I've been trying numerous approaches to export a 3D model from Vectorworks for import into SketchUp with mixed results. The best results have come with an .fbx export from Vectorworks, and import into SketchUp with proprietary SU extensions, however the results are mixed at best. The geometry comes into SU as very complex nested layers of groups and components, and exploding them results, ultimately, in faceted geometry where there might be a simple wall plane, for example. Depending on the SU extension, the model comes in more or less cleanly, and some of them show up without line work, for some reason. I've attached screenshots of the various .fbx imports, both in "Default Style" and "HiddenLine." Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

SU from VW imports Default Style.png

SU from VW imports HiddenLineStyle.png

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Yes, the DWG import is the one on the far right. Glazing doesn't come through as translucent (each surface needs to be changed individually) and numerous other errors in the geometry. I suspect it's an issue on the VW export side.


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I have tried nearly every option for importing a VW model into SketchUp, and recently found software that does a good job. 'Transmutr' is a standalone application (not a plugin for SU.) See below for a comparison of various VW export/SU import approaches. Many of them fail to include the line work, so I've shown the results in both SU 'Default Style' and 'Hidden Line' to illustrate. I feel like Transmutr is the way to go, at least at present.



SU from VW imports Default Style.jpg

SU from VW imports HiddenLineStyle.jpg

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