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Lighting Widget Broken?


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Hi Dave,

When using Spot Lights, the OIP includes a graphical widget for displaying the beam spread, as well as the numerical angle. The angle handles have little balls on them which can slide along the handles. It's not explained in the documentation what these balls are for.

I had assumed that they adjusted the fall-off of the light, although I've never really been able to see this effect in renderings.

The problem is that they adjust themselves!

Having set them to a particular place, each view change will cause the balls to move a little to the left untill they are finally hard up against the light symbol graphic. In fact, doing just about anything to the file will prompt them to move by themselves. This has happened in every version I've used (since VW8.5).

1/ Are those balls supposed to do something?

2/ If so; why don't they stay where I put them?


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Thanks Dave,

It would be nice if they did adjust the falloff wouldn't it -as long as they stayed where they were put ;-)

Now, can you tell me what's happening with the texture import problem? (see other post)

cheers ,


PS I've only just started looking at RW 11.

The Mapping interface is MUCH improved. Well done.

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