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Annimation Crashing

Hunter B

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Ok I give up... I've got a file that keeps crashing on me as I render the annimation.

Does anybody have a clue as to why a file might crash? It always seems to crash at around 47 frames. Here's the rub. I sent it off to VW and they were able to get it to output a short version of what I wanted.

I've built a test file from a bank page to eliminate any corruptions that might be in the file that started all this, with no luck.

I'm running XP- VW 10.1 with 1 gig ram and a 2.8 chip along with a Nvidia Gforce 64MB graphics card(with updated drivers) I've removed the XP service pack this morning and it just crashed again.

Before all this started I was having (and still am having) difficulty starting VW sometimes... it comes up with an error message that then wants to send a report to Microsoft. After I get this message I RESTORE to a differnet point and try agian.. it seems to be kind of random as to which restore point allows VW to start. I recentlly replaced the hard drive and reinstalled VW.

I'm really stuck on this one. HELP PLEASE!

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One more troubleshooting thing to try is to repair XP. In my experience sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. If it doesn't help maybe a clean install is needed.

Graphics drivers can be tricky to update. It can leave remnants of older drivers that cause problems. Do a search on a application called Driver Cleaner (free) and follow the instructions.

Here is a site that has pretty good instructions on doing a repair on XP. Backup, Backup, and Backup before you do this. Warning #1 seems to go too far in prepairing, I've never had a problem after a dozen or so repairs and I haven't done any of the prep they mention. (backup before you do it though).


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