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Creating a new file reference through the References tab of the Navigation Palette

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When creating a new file reference through the References tab of the Navigation Palette, a message box appears which begins with the following sentence:


Creating a reference to a Vectorworks file in this manner allows you to reference resources from that file via the Resource Manager.


After creating references in this way I haven't managed to find any resources from the referenced files in my resource browser, unless the 'old-style layer import referencing' referred to in the third sentence of the message box is activated, in which case all resources, classes and selected layers from the referenced file appear in the current file.


I've tested this in Vectorworks Landmark 2022 and 2023 with the same result. 


Can anyone confirm how the creation of a reference to another Vectorworks file allows its resources to be viewed in the Resource Manager when the default Design layer viewports option is selected in the document's Reference Settings? or perhaps whether the first sentence in the create new reference message box is incorrect for this situation?


This question has arisen during training sessions that I provide to local Vectorworks users, and I'd like to be able to provide a clear answer in future. I'm well aware of the Resource Browser's ability to browse other files and import resources from them, so this isn't a workflow problem for me.  


I've also noticed that the two options in the Reference Settings window under the heading Use this method to reference Vectorworks files:, affects not only .vwx file references, but also .dwg file references. I wonder if that heading would benefit from being updated to include all file types that the settings below it affect. 


Thanks in advance.



221005_VW_New Reference Message Box.jpg



221005_VW_Reference Settings_Design Layer Viewport.jpg



221005_VW_Reference Settings_Layer Import.jpg



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