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Quicktime VR Object


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I made a quicktime VR Object ( http://www.blackenedsun.com/redbrick/media/mov/Before.jpg )

If you notice by clicking on there, the file has a LOT of excess white all around the side of the file, and I was wondering how I can go about getting rid of all this extra white. I'm sure there is some way to crop it, but I do not know how to for Quicktime, and especially not for Quicktime VR Objects...

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who knows why I put .jpg...lol

The other topic that you have linked me to sees to refer much more to panorama VR objects, than to a VR object... this is the one where you click and drag around, and the object rotates according to such. There is no zoom in feature for the VR objects.

I guess I will try with that invisible wall thing that was talked about there, to see if the zoom in Vectorworks itself makes a difference.

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Originally posted by LordSobe:

The other topic that you have linked me to sees to refer much more to panorama VR objects, than to a VR object...

Actually I was referring to a VR Object. Now that I see your new link, I see that you are having the same issue that I had. So try those ideas and you can control the size of your model.

Yes the Quicktime viewer does have zoom keys. The problem I find is that the resolution becomes too coarse upon enlargement.

Ideally we should be able to zoom with less loss of resolution.

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I have another question. how can we go about making an animation VR object? One that constantly rotates on it's own?

I saw an option somewhere in Vectorworks about a camera path or something like that, but I have no clue how to go about with that process... I'm going to go check out the manual right now for anything, but I always understand things best when people tell me what i need to do.

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