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getting image export options to stick....

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Hello. I'm trying to set up a batch render job to capture about 100 different views of a building. I need to use the same image export settings for each view, but it seems that I have to manually reselect all the option I want with each rendering I add to the job (ie, 200 dpi, tiff, dimensions, etc). Is there some easy way keep the same settings for each job without having to reselect them all each time? Also, is there a keyboard shortcut for "create batch render job."

I'm a vectorworks newbie...any help would be appreciated. Also, I'm using 11.0.1 on mac os 10.3. Thanks.

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Currently, when a new batch job is created, there is no way to make it "remember" the export settings set by the previous batch job.

But I will consider adding this feature in since it seems you guys find it useful.

Shirley Carter

Software engineer


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