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My Estranged Smart Options Display

Peter W Flint


Upon upgrading my hardware, upgrading VW to 2022 and w/ latest service pack, migrating my user folder and workspace preferences, and several bouts of restarts and tweaking, I no longer get a smart options display when tapping space bar, middle mouse wheel, or waiting 20-30s. It just doesn't appear. Sometimes, on a Monday, after the computer has been shut down for the weekend, it randomly pops in for a visit. This lasts maybe 1-2s but if manage to catch hold of it, the icons simply disappear, even if I've been to the gym that morning. More often, the settings icon randomly appears on screen somewhere, not in the vicinity of my cursor but off to the side, down in the corner, wherever it feels like really. Possibly this is due to my response to the feature when 2021 was released, I thought it was cute but not super relevant to my daily work. Now it knows I need it, and it is being coy.


Seeking suggestions for reuniting with my smart options display. Sweet talk? Jewelry? Spice? What does it want?


Attached is a screen recording of me doing all the things and getting no results.





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Re-read and think I missed the question.

When SOD invented I also tried some moderate delays

and finally key assignment only.

Which lead to not using it at all.


But I think basically it is cool.

So currently I have Auto SOD on.


But in VW 2023 I also experience more unwanted SOD appearances

and SOD disappearing before I can reach it.

For me it looks like it could be hardware or bug,

or just some little VW 2023 tweaks in SOD auto behavior.

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7 hours ago, jeff prince said:

Are the specs in your signature accurate now?

If not, what OS and mouse are you using?

I updated signature this PM. Specs for MacBook Pro M1 are accurate. OS is 12.5 and the mouse switches between a Bluetooth Logitech when mobile and Bluetooth Evoluent in studio. 

7 hours ago, zoomer said:

Maybe I did not get your question.


But you have set the timer to 20 seconds ?

Who, that want SOD to open automatically, would ever

want to wait that long for the panels to appear ?

(Or could ever keep his cursor in place for 20 seconds ...)

I keep timer settings off, just had it set to 20 for demonstration purposes

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For posterity and anyone else coming across a similar issue:


I've been able to self-diagnose while waiting for tech support that this is related to working in full screen. There seem to be other issues with floating palettes appearing outside the fullscreen window, or migrating to the active desktop. For me it's the resource manager and attributes palette.


This was not an issue in previous versions (2019-2021) and seems like pretty basic u/x stuff.



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