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translucence and rendering time


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I still haven't been able to figure out the frosted glass problem. I want my skylight to produce a natural looking glow from a light source above, but I don't what the mullions on the glass to produce shadows (or have any shadows from that light source). I have used a variety of translucent and gridded glass textures, turned of the "receive/cast shadows" from the textures, and turned off the "cast shadows" from the light, but it is still casting shadows! [Eek!] Any ideas?

Also, I am using VW 11 on a brand new G5 Mac. with the fastest video card there is, 2 Ghz dual processor, and 1 GB of memory, and my rendering is still incredibly slow. Need ideas on how to speed that up too.

Thanks! [smile]

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sounds like what youre after requires radiosity which renderworks isnt capable of... u can however try 'fakeosity'... ive achieved a 'glow' effect by placing a few low intensity point lights under the skylight (say, 4 lights at each corner if its sqaure/rectangular?) and set the falloff to 'smooth' and uncheck cast shadows... experiment with the position and intensity of the lights to achieve the desired result. also, giving the tiniest amount of blue color to the lights improves the effect more than u might expect. all this will make render time even more painful tho [Wink]

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Hello Tasfire:

What mentalist said.

Also, if you can send me a file with this skylight setup in it I can try out some things.

I was doing renderings of my shed that I want to change into a greenhouse and a Translucent Plastic with Plain Transparency worked pretty good for a white diffuse skylight (it looked stark white from the inside). I stopped short of putting point lights under it but that is the way to simulate an area light like this.

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Tasfire, I did read your post. Here are a few questions: 1) What do you mean by 'incredibly slow'? 2) How big is the file? 3) What rendering mode are you using? 4) What is your 'level of detail' set to in the rendering preference dialog (eg: low, medium, high or very high). 5) How many light sources are there? 6) Was the file created natively in version 11? 6) How many layers in the file? 7) Are there linked layers? Not sure if any of this will help, but it might...

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Thanks for the suggestion!


Thanks for the offer. I'm currently using the file, but I might send it to you later. Would adding another GB to my RAM help? Also, my video card is only 64 MB, would upgrading that at all help?


My file right now is about 83 MB. I just timed the rendering today and it was 2 min. 30 sec. for one view and 11 min. 49 sec. for another view. There are a lot of light sources, but that is necessary to make it look realistic (I am re-creating a real museum.). All the rendering options are set to the lowest resolution and the fastest speed. I think I have about 10 layers, and I do have a couple of link layers. (I only really need 1 for now, so if that is slowing it down, I can delete the other 2) The file started in VW 10.5 and then I upgraded to VW11 and adding things to the file.

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