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My company wants to get me a new computer and they've come to me asking what I need/want so I can render quicker, etc. !!!

My boss already talked to the guy that helps with our server/computer needs... and he is suggesting that to speed up renderings we should look into a new graphics card.

Just thought I'd get some feedback from the trusty vector/renderworks users.

Sorry for the non-techy lingo, I'm a designer not a computer-tech. [smile]

Current system:

1.70GHz/400MHz Xeon Dell Precision

20GB Hard Drive

Dual Monitors

graphic card 1 - ATI Fire GL2, 64MB

graphic card 2 - ATI Radeon 7200 series

Suggestions for a upgrade or new system and specifics would be greatly appreciated.

Let me know if anyone wants other info.


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O'keefe: I know nothing about the PC world, but if you're interested in a Mac, I can certainly recommend that you get a G5 with dual processors (I am running a 1.8 mhz dual and am very happy with it). Get at least a full MB of RAM (I have 1.5 MG's). If you can swing it, get an LCD monitor as they are much kinder to your eyes. FYI, the price of the 1.8 G5 dual has recently come way down, to under 2k. Of course that's because they've now released something faster!

Good Luck

Peter Cipes

Ashland, Oregon

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If you prefer a PC, I know an awful lot about computers...haha

Cipes, Monitors don't really have anything to do with faster renderings :-p a FULL MB?? lol...they haven't used only a single MB of RAM in how long? are you sure you mean that? I don't know macs so you could be right, but I have 512 MB of RAM on my computer...lol

I would think you should get something with these stats:

3.2 GHz Pentium 4 Processor

Somewhere between 1 and 2 GB of RAM

minimum 80 GB HD, 7200 RPM

Defintely go with a better graphics card. ATI and Nvidia are both releasing new graphics cards soon, but I would say go with either the ATI Radeon 9800 256MB... or the Nvidia GeForce FX 5900 256 MB... I would defintely get the Ultra versions of either of those if they are in your budget range.

Even though they do not make business based computers (although they might now), you should defintely get it from Alienware. I've compared a dell and an Alienware before to equal (or close to) stats and the Alienware was still far far better than the Dell. I own an alienware myself. Alienware creates your computer and then they configure it for ultimate speed and ability.

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CIPES: Since you seem to know about Macs, maybe you could help me. I have another posting on here describing my problem, but in case you didn't read it.... I have a brand new G5 Mac, dual processor, 2Ghz, 1 GB, and the best video card Mac makes, but my VW 10 & 11 drawings render incredibly slow! Tech support doesn't know what is wrong and thinks that maybe it is because I have a lot of mouldings and columns, but there is nothing I can do about that, they need to stay. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Originally posted by O'Keefe:

My boss already talked to the guy that helps with our server/computer needs... and he is suggesting that to speed up renderings we should look into a new graphics card.

Getting a faster graphics card will only affect your Open GL rendering and screen redraw rate. It will not help with any of the other rendering modes whatsoever.

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Have a look at www.arhitosh.com there is an interview with some of techy people at NNA and the article goes into the companies own benchmark testing on various systems.

Overall the G5 machines took the cake at the time, but there were various tests so you may find in rendering there is a better option.

hehe Btw LordSobe, how you say monitors don't make a difference to the rendering speed? ;-) oh sure it won't won't help at all the from the time you tell the computer to render till the time it's done, but really how much of the time is that?

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