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Rendering the full building


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I am trying to render the entire building all at once, but whenever I do any sort of rendering it only does one floor. All the floors are all on different layers (because that is how the File > Setup > Model Setup) sets up the file I work with to be. How do you render the entire building at once?

Also, even with a sun ambience source, the textures still seem to be rather dark (using a red brick texture).

I tend to look at the floors with renderworks on a Right or Left Isometric View, but when I do, some of the walls do not show up (but the windows that are in these walls do show up). Is this a problem that needs to be fixed, or is this a natural way to render?


Chris K

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1) You can to create a LAYER LINK which will consist of all the various layers in your whole building.

2) You can change the level of light in any layer with the command: VIEW>LIGHTING>SET LAYER AMBIENT

3) Probably the "invisible" walls are in a class that is set to invisible...

Hope that helps

Peter Cipes

Residential Designer

Ashland, Oregon

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How can I determine if the walls are set to Invisible?


I found some related option under Organize > Class Visibilities, and Organize > Layer Visibilities but everything is set to visible..

Is there any other way to determine this?


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Just full of questions, aren't I?

I used the layer link, but the roof for some reason shows up on the first floor...so I go to File > Setup > Model Setup and see that the roof layer is actually set for a 0 elevation...I fix it, but for some reason it always resets itself back to 0, is there a reason for this, or is it just a bug?

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Layer links will not change dynamically. You have to delete the layer link and then add it again with the new elevation value.

1. Go to your model layer and select the Roof layer link. (The Object Info Palette will show you when you have the Roof layer link selected).

2. Unlock the layer link and delete it.

3.Add the Roof layer link back to your model. The new layer link will establish itself based on the current elevation data.

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