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Landru Design Tools Updated for 2023!

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For all of the Landru Design tool users (and, those who wish they were), VW 2023 versions are available for immediate download!


If you've not kept current with the tools, here are a few recently-added features you are missing:

  • All of the tools include new fields, allowing you to track things like Position, Brand, Model, Vendor, and Cost.  The VideoScreen tools also add fields for power and signal data.
  • Several of the tools now allow you to collapse parts of the Object Information Palette you don't often use.


  • The Staging ToolSet and VideoScreen tools now allow you to include 3D text blocks in your models.


  • The VideoScreen tools now use the Resource Selector system for choosing projectors, stands, and television cases.
  • VS4-Television adds the ability to tilt television cases on-the-fly and has expanded stand options.
  • VS4-Projection and VS4-Blended Projector offer enhanced functionality for using UST/mirror-lens projectors, as well as improved 2D display of tilted projectors.
  • VS4-LED now re-calculates weight and wattage on-the-fly as tile counts change.


  • And...more...


For users who purchased one of the tool sets or a Producer's Pack 3 license on or after March 1, 2021, applicable updates are available free-of-charge.


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions...


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