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Very Slow Rendering with G5 Dual 1.8 Mac

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Hi. I am a fresh user, straight from Autocad. I had an old pentium 4 1.6, and with all the talk about Renderworks and Vectorworks being very fast, I assumed I would have lightspeed improvements with Vectorworks, and my new G5 Macintosh. I am importing some CAD blocks, and when I go to render, it seems things are rendering at least 5 - 10 times longer than with the old system. Very dissapointing, but I am sure there is a logical solution.

Any thoughts?

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Hi Eddie

I am sorry not to help you concerning your problem which, by the way seems odd but may be the translation between AutoCad to VW does not help but that could lead to my problem.

Indeed I would like to know if you exported some VW files to AutoCad under Windows 98. I have a huge project (I am speaking memory) I tried to burn on a CD the file exported in DWG 14 and even after removing textures, shadows ..... the CD seems unreadable under AutoCad

Any clue?

thanks Jean-Pierre

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Check your document preferences

Raster Render (4th tab)

PICT Export: try 72 dpi

Printing try 72 dpi

then try 144 dpi which is sharper and 4 times longer to render. The dots per inch (dpi) depends on the finel use of the render.

click Renderworks Option in same location of document preferences. Try different settings with one simple file.

There are many other settings and choices that affect speed including the number of lights in the model, The number of curved surfaces, the number and type of textures, etc.


Mac G4, 1.25Mhz dual 768MB ram

VWA&R 10.1.2

bought but still testing out VWA&R 11

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As someone who's assessing whether to upgrade to VW11, and also a new G5, this is very interesting to me!

For those who feel that the combination is "slow" or "slower", can you quantify this a little?

Were the files the same/same size before and after? Was one an ACad file and the other a VW file? What was the file size? If you are comparing an ACad file, what was it rendered on?

Apparently, (according to Sean Flaherty quoted in Architosh) NNA's internal testing indicated that G5's should be at least (about) 40% faster than a Dual 3GHz Zenon. Presumably this was comparing only VW files. Perhaps ACad files are smaller/ more efficient at rendering???

I'd like more information before I spend the Kilobucks.

NNA, do you have any comments/ observations here?



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Looks like my 'Blocks' imported from AutoCad are full of garbage (unused layers, attributes etc) giving the slow rendering. New VW files do rip off very fast. Solution is to import the CAD files, and try to clean up all the submerged information, then save as a VW symbol. Either that or design the symbol from the ground-up fresh.

I believe this is the solution. My new Mac G5 does rock.

Thanks for all your assistance.

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