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white walls show as dark gray


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I am having a problem with my drawing that wasn't happening yesterday. My white walls are showing up gray/dark gray when I use Renderworks. I have multiply light sources shining right on them and they are still dark, but all the other light colored objects are the right amount of lightness. When I use openGL everything is a blinding light because of the light sources. Why does Renderworks make my white walls dark? I even tried making them slightly reflective but that doesn't help at all. I'd appreciate any advice. [smile]

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We used to have a problem when turning on the black background. Some objects that had a "pure" white filling turned black in the rendering. This happened in VW 9. Now we just use a black background with our renderings. I don't know if you have the same problem. You could also try to fill the walls with a slightly offset white. ie. 255,255,254. Maybe this helpes?

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