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While I was writing this wish about projection settings I was reminded of a couple of bugbears I have about graphical projection in Vectorworks.


1. Better nomenclature

Vectorworks uses the term "Isometric" to describe a view that can in fact be isometric or perspective, depending on whether the user has perspective or orthogonal projection active. (and in fact the icons in the Standard View dropdown menu in the View Bar show perspective projection).


I understand why it's like this, because there's no good nomenclature that describes both an isometric and perspective view from a standard angle. Except perhaps "3D", but then the Top, Front, Right, Bottom, Back and Left views can also be 3D views.


One way around this could be to use dynamic menus that change depending on the projection that is currently active. So if isometric projection is active the Standard View menu would offer "Right Isometric". If perspective projection is active it would offer "Right Perspective" instead.




2. Fix oblique views

I don't ever remember the Oblique Cavalier and Oblique Cabinet views ever consistently working properly. In fact in 2023 they don't seem to do anything. And in 2022 it's much the same problem.



But, apart from wanting them to actually work, the same principle as item 1 could be applied. If Oblique Cavalier 45 projection is active, the Standard Views menu would dynamically change to describe views as Oblique Cavalier 45, and provide the ability to switch between different views while maintaining Oblique Cavalier 45 projection.


3. Custom Parallel Projection settings

Even better would be a new Custom Parallel Projection settings window, allowing us create custom axonometry, which we can save as Styles. Vectorworks could then include all the most common ones as Parallel Projection Styles, including Dimetric and Trimetric.


4. View widget/cube + behave like Blender




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I think any orthogonal 45/45/90° View is not legible.


Regular Column Top and Bottom make it look like diamonds or something but not

as Columns. Similar to Wall connections of 90° oriented Walls with same thickness ....


I vote for the Isometric preset (at least optional)

to be/switch to a 30/60/90° rotation !

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15 hours ago, Andy Broomell said:

There are so many things Vectorworks could learn from Blender. Here are a few of my thoughts on navigation:

  • Single mouse button modifier to activate flyover. In Blender you just click and hold MMB to flyover. Super simple. In Vectorworks you have you to either activate a whole separate TOOL (Shift+C), or hold CTRL (yes even on a Mac) while clicking and holding MMB.
  • The view widget as mentioned above. It's way more visual and interactive. It's great when you want to look at a view relative to your current view without having the think about which view you're in and then think about which standard view is the one you want compared to the one you're in. Also in Blender, clicking on an axis for an orthographic view automatically uses orthographic projection.
  • If you're flying around in perspective projection and add the Opt key, whenever you're near an orthographic view it snaps to the orthogonal projection of that view. THIS IS SO COOL. Vectorworks can't even get this perspective vs. orthogonal thing right in menu preferences, and yet Blender has it there interactively and by default. Plus it knows to switch back to perspective when you continue flying around.
  • When you're already in an orthographic view, you can continue holding the Opt key, then use MMB to flyover to the left, right, up, or down, to sort of "swipe" to that adjacent orthographic view. Also amazing.

Here's a video demonstrating some of these points in case it doesn't make sense in written form. It's just so easy:





Also a reminder that Blender is free.




That's just great. I've added this to the original post.

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