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Translucent Rulers? They're not opaque?


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Hi folks; i just discovered/got tripped up by the fact that the rulers on the left and top of every vw drawing window are translucent. that is, they allow the viewer to partially see what's in the drawing, under the ruler. [i thought they were called "scale rulers," but Kevin Lee Allen tells me they're just called "rulers". whatever.] anyway, i have been looking for a preference setting to make the rulers opaque. as is, if there is a lot of shading in the drawing under the ruler, i can no longer read the text and the the numbers in the ruler due to the shading in the drawing underneath it. Kevin says it's "Vw preferences > Display > show rulers [or not]," but that just toggles the rulers on or off. i'm looking to retain the rulers, but to change their fill to an opaque while background, and *not* allow the drawing surface below to be seen. Does this already exist, and it's merely beyond my understanding? Any advice cheerfully accepted! [in the screen shot, i drew a red rectangle around the vertical ruler on the left side, showing how the shaded boom groundplan view makes it impossible to read the 10'-0" measurement.]


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hmph. that didn't work for me. the ruler [on my doc here] stubbornly refused to *not* be translucent. i can change it to different colors, but it appears to not be able to be a solid color, rather than allowing the drawing to show through from below. pictured is the rulers, using your interactive suggestion, in a lovely lavender. [and still somewhat see-through!]


Ruler 2.jpg

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