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Concatenate variables into text _ Marionette


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you can use the "Concat" node to add a list of strings together.

In your case you just have to convert the dimensions into strings with the "Str" Node before you put them into the ordered list. Than you can concatenate the list.




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Hello Raph,


i'm sorry, i seem to have changed the code of the "concat" node without remembering.

It should work if you change the code of the "concat" node to:

class Params(metaclass = Marionette.OrderedClass):
	this = Marionette.Node( 'Concat' )
	this.SetDescription( "Concatenates a list of strings." )
	#Input Ports
	stringIn = Marionette.PortIn('', 'listStrings')
	stringIn.SetDescription( "The input strings." )	
	#OIP Controls
	#Output Ports
	stringOut = Marionette.PortOut('s')
	stringOut.SetDescription( "The output string." )

def RunNode(self):	 
	stringIn = self.Params.stringIn.value
	newString = ''
	for s in stringIn:
		newString = newString + str(s)
	self.Params.stringOut.value = newString


Unfortunately i cant post the vwx file because i just have an educational verison.




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Hi LEtti,

Hi Dom,

Hi everybody,


Thank you for your answers.

I wanted to change the text in the marionette node. But I have an error that appears. (see attached file)

As a result, no changes are made.

So I wanted to create a new marionette node.

But I can't do it!

Can you give me advice, tutorials or sources that show how I can create my own marionette nodes?

Thanks in advance





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Hi everybody,


OK I found a solution.

I took a node that @DomC created and modified it

see attached file


Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping me 😉



I would really like to learn how to make my own nodes so my question remains.

Have you tips for learn to program in python for Vectorworks?


Many thanks in advance




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