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Hello everyone
I have a question for all of you and I hope you can help me.
I am currently working in Germany and learning Vectorworks. This means I know all the german shortcuts.
When I use Vectorworks at home, using an english version, all the shortcut are totally different. Sometimes I just know the shortcut and not the command. This makes me really confused. Is there a way to set my vectorwork as the german one? Or is it maybe because now I am using vectorworks 2022 instead of 2021?
Thank you very much 🙂 

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The shortcuts (and much more) are set by your Workspace.  I'm not sure if there are Workspace compatibility issues between the German & English versions, but typically you can copy your Workspace from one machine to the other.  Look for a .VWW file, which could be in the application folder, user folder, or workgroup folder, depending on the setup.  On a Mac you can find this via Tools->Workspaces->Workspaces...->Reveal in Finder.  I'm not sure what the Windows option is, but I assume it's similar.


A slower method would be to customize your home Workspace per:




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I don't know if you can use the German workspace directly in the English version.  I know there are a number of tools/commands that exist in the German (Computerworks) version that are not standard in the English (Vectorworks) version.


My recommendation would be to start with the English default workspace that appears to be closest to the German version and then modify it to be even closer to the German version.

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