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Quick search enhancement to activate things like classes etc.



Could the quick search allow us to find things like classes, symbols and layers as well as tools? E.g: 

Press F -> Quick search appears.

Type 'cl ' -> the prompt shows 'cl Annotation-BW' (The italic part is greyed out name of the first class in my document)

Type more characters to find a class e.g 'cl Structure-_Main' (The italic is greyed out name of the first unique class name that matches)

Type <tab> to autocomplete to the nearest unique thing (like autocomplete for terminal commands) e.g. typing <tab> now gets me -> 'cl Structure-_Main'

Typing 'St' onto the end of this gets me -> 'cl Structure-Steel'

Typing <tab> again now autocompletes the whole class name -> 'cl Structure-Steel'

Hitting enter dismisses the quick search and makes the class active.


For examples of the kind of thing I mean see the terminal autocomplete in macOS or the command pallet autocomplete in visual studio code.


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clarified the kind of things I want to find
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