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Hi Alan,

     I am an Architect with vast experience in providing design and drafting services in Vectorworks. Please send me an email at neelambari@cadmitra.com so we can discuss further. I am currently assisting several architects in Australia as well as US and UK for 2D, 3D and BIM modeling as well as construction documentation.

I am a top rated freelancer on several freelancing sites.


You can learn more about my services on my website : www.cadmitra.com. 


Look forward to your email.




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On 9/12/2022 at 10:40 PM, AlanW said:

Hi, We are a small Practice in Sydney Australia specializing in Hi-End residential work and looking to outsource some of our interior / DA / and Documentation work.

Leave contact so we can chat.


Hi there, I am an Australian licensed architect living at the moment in LA with my family and I am always looking for drafting work. I have used Vectorworks for a long time 🙂 and am interested in any CAD drafting opportunities that may come up. My email: vectorworks.architect@gmail.com. Thank you!

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Hi @AlanW


>>  Melbourne Based - Offering remote work with Vectorworks Architect & Twinmotion  <<


I have vast experience working on commercial & residential projects - international/national automotive trade shows, e.g. 7 years for BMW Group throughout Europe, as well as working on events, product launches, commercial spaces and brand environments ... as an interior architect, project & production manager, …






  • areas - commercial fit-out, trade shows, events, hospitality, retail
  • creative & strategic development
  • 3D modeling
  • real-time visualisations / renderings
  • technical production knowledge commercial fit-outs, signage & CNC
  • technical documentation commercial fit-outs


  • Vectorworks Architect 1997-2024
  • Twinmotion 2019-2024
  • Adobe Creative Cloud / Membership

Looking very much forward hearing from you.




Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+Archviz+ARCHITECTURE+01.PNG

Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+Archviz+ARCHITECTURE+02.PNG

Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+Archviz+BATHROOM.PNG

Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+Archviz+COFFEE SHOP.PNG

Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+Archviz+PRODUCTS.PNG

Grethe Connerth - Displays & Signage - Technical Documentation - 01.png

Grethe Connerth - Displays & Signage - Technical Documentation - 02.png

Grethe Connerth - Displays & Signage - Technical Documentation - 03.png

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