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Way to polyline fill the main area of a hardscape?

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Hey guys this is my first post here. I am working on an estimating sheet for my company and I am curious if there is an easy way to polyline fill the inner area of a hardscape with a border. When I use a poly line fill it will do the entire shape, but I just want it inside the border of my hardscape to calculate the main area instead of tracing the inside of the shape.


The image below is what I would like to be filled in with a separate shape to be used for estimating under a separate class. I need to measure the outer border perimeter and the main area sq ft. It isn't possible for me to use a paver class for estimating as whoever was at my company before me used classes as texture maps and design templates for different kinds of pavers, so some of our designs could vary. So I am doing this to keep consistency among our landscape designs.


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The Hardscape object already contains the information you need, which will save you so much time. 

Try Tools > Reports > Create Report, and then pick one of the example Hardscape worksheets. You'll see that it automatically pulls the information you need into the resulting worksheet. Vectorworks University has some great workflow tutorials to help you get the best out of Landmark. 

This hardscape-specific course would be a great place to start:

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