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Animating a File


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VW 10.1

OS: XP Pro


When trying to animate a file I get the following error message:

Unknown OS error of type -2010 occurred.

When I try running the same file on a Mac running OS 10, VW 10.1 and a PC running Windows 2000 Pro the animation works.

Any thoughts on why this is not working on XP?



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Sorry for getting back to you so late.

Do you still have this problem? If so, could you check whether you have QuickTime's picture viewer installed? If you have, it should show up from the "Start".

Also, make sure you have write permission to the folder where you want to place your image or movie file.



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i am attempting to batch render a series of sheets to animate an exploded view of a knock-down chair. i have two problems: is there an easier way to render a series of saved sheets other than opening each one and applying it to the batch jobs? second: what is up with "the os cannot create a file with this job name"? very irritating, especially when the animation involves 20 seperate sheets.

using VW10.5.1

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Two possibles:

First, you may have specified the same job name or it may be in use somewhere else in the program, which is unlikely. But, try a different job name and see what happens.

Second, you probably don't have write permission in VectorWorks folder.

Let me know what you find. We will try to improve our program to avoid such a problem in the future.

Shirley Carter

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Currently, there is no way to create a series of batch jobs from a series of sheets at one time. so, you have to do one job per sheet one time. May happen in the future.

Sorry about this.

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i logged on as administrator and i still have the problem of filename creation. Tried different filenames etc., to no avail. i really would like to figure this out, as i now have three seperate projects to render, some 50 sheets! am i in the wrong program?

i purchased VW10 as an upgrade form VW9, and then upgraded again to VW10.5.1, could this have something to do with the problem?


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I am using Win2k SP3 and logged as admin.

But seems neither here nor there as problems appears to be self-resolved. yesterday i opened QT 6 to check version, and after that, no probs with batch render names, either as admin or power user.

Nostradamus said it would happen like this.

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