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C4D Export Scale


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I know this has been discussed bofore but I can't find or remember a solution. If I set the units in VW and C4D both to inches, draw a 12' extruded circle in VW and export it to C4D it is MUCH larger than 12' in C4D. I need to be able to export some things from VW and add them into a scene. I know that I can just scale everything once in C4D but I will need to go back and forth and need this to be very precise.

Any ideas? BaRa?

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Dear Chris, Andy and Katie,

(a) Although Maxon and NNA are owned by the same company, they are still two seperate companies. C4D is a rendersolution, as is RenderWorks. Both companies want to sell their own solution. You can't blame Katie for this. She actually can not do anything else than pass the buck, because NNA hadn't anything to do with the development of the plugin. Maxon (and a third party) are responsable for the plugin, not NNA. Katie is right, you should contact Maxon.

(b) I understand the scaling problem. I did some tests a while ago, and I seem to remember that using centimeter (both in VW and in C4D) solves the problem.

© Before you jump your gun about those arrogant Europeans trying to force the Metric system on you: the scaling issue will be solved in the next plugin version. It runs fine in the current beta-version. I'm not allowed to tell you when it will be released, but it's coming.

(d) What email address are you using to get in touch with Maxon? Did you get any replies at all on this subject? I'll pass this on to the guy responsable at Maxon for the plugin.

Kind regards,


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