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renderworks with wireframe


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Hello Shadi:

An easy way to get this would be to duplicate your layer and set the layer options to show others. The lower copy can be rendered and the upper layer in wireframe. With show others, the wireframe will draw after the rendered layer is drawn, overlaying the lines onto the model.

You could use Dashed Hidden Line for the topmost layer as well, to get dashed lines and reduce the line clutter shown with a plain wireframe.

You can create a Sheet with the Save Layer Visibility checkbox turned off, to easily set each layer to the view you want.


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The image you refer to has been made in Photoshop. First export an OpenGL rendered image from VectorWorks, then export the Wireframe. Put both on top of each other in Photoshop, fiddle around with the layer transfer settings, add a gradient, an presto: your image.

EDIT: oops, you knew that already. The other mentioned options are probably the best solutions to your problem.

Good luck,


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