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Snapping issues



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Well, I was used some VW Versions ago that in Edit Modes like of an Extrude,

Snapping to environmental Elements was possible or not arbitrarily or at least not

reliable. When the Extrude was moved or rotated it was worse and snaps could

be off or unprecise too.

(Not sure for today's VW version as I did since avoid any Extrude movements

or rotation but rotation still got Extrudes (other than top plan view oriented)

going nuts when a bit more complex and using more than 10 2D objects,

while Edit mode with cut and paste or editing.


I assume this is caused by the fight and calculation between VW's unlimited

amounts of cascading coordinate systems for each Objects, Groups, Symbols,

View, Viewports, referenced Viewports, .....


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I have the same issue and its been happening for a few versions now. at least 2021, 2022 and now 2023.


For me it's a constant issue with Groups in a referenced file. Snapping works fine on individual objects but it will not snap to objects that are Grouped.


I also get an issue that requires me to move the pointer out of the drawings area ( somewhere over a tool pallet for example) and after that snapping works.

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Yes, it is one of a large number of problems that coincided with the subscription system and a 12 month "do or die" full-number release. In my opinion, accelerating the pace of new versions with the same sized staff has sent the bug count through the roof. It once was the most stable software I owned, now it's just as bad as Adobe or Microsoft.

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