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Use interiorcad objects in a marionette


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Is there a library for marionette which contains the Interiorcad objects, like NC-macro 3D, Drilling 3D, Dado 3D,...?


So that the marionette can create and place these object according to the script?


For example how you can place a line:


Or should we place it in a control group and try to adjust it's properties with some node? I wasn't able to get this one to work.




Best regards,



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You could control those objects by insert an object as a symbol then manipulate the path. Point objects like macro or drilling you could control with "Create Custom object" also there is a "create custom object path" which would create parts or contours.



At the end, those objects would not be able to "marry" with the interior custom parts if they are inside a Marionette PIO.

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On 9/1/2022 at 8:05 PM, DomC said:

At the end, those objects would not be able to "marry" with the interior custom parts if they are inside a Marionette PIO.

Do you mean that if for example I make a parametric marionette which contains Drilling 3D objects and I place this marionette object in my drawing on some custom parts that the drillings wont be connected to the custom part? So on CNC export the drillings are lost?


Thanks for the information.

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Yes exactly. As long as the PIOs are inside the Marionette, they would not react with the interiorcad parts. 
Well there is always a way to get something to work. As example:

- If we would create objects and then set parent Object on the layer instead of the pio
- and recalculate positon and rotation outside the PIO plane to the world-plane   
- And regenerate/reposition the objects while executing the marionette. By linking the Objects to the script by uuid as example

There seems to be some options but there is need for additional coding the script and making special nodes which do not exists.

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Short Test
Works more like a "Drilling Stamp". Just a short raw test. There would be two bigger issues left:
1. How to get Position of Marionette Object before Objects are putted out. Because first the objects are created and after that the PIO gets his new position.
2. How to delete the existing drillings before put in some new drillings on the layer.

I think theoretically solvable but I think i am notching out at this point 🤔
By the way, Box Objects would support Marionette PIOs in a Cabinet. Also the Cabinet could be reduced to a single part and then it could work together.




ic marionette.vwx

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I must correct my statement
It seems, that the drillings drill the part directly with the Marionette.   O.    M.    G.  

I could imagine to make a Frame on the Part or get automatically the part dimension and attach an own intelligent drilling pattern to the object. for me this looks like a litte revolution.

Just that I said that. I do not know if this is a good Idea or if this is stable. No guarantee for that.

ic marionette 2.vwx

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Wow thanks for going to such lengths to test this!


The reason I asked about this is because I would like to create the Hawa Concepta pivot and sliding door drilling pattern with a marionette.


MON_XX_Hawa_Concepta_25_30_30182 (1).pdf

In the pdf in the attachment you can find the manual with the drilling pattern for this fitting.

As you can see below, the positioning is parametric with parameters like EH, Q, ...



At the moment I just place a NC-macro 3D on the part and fill in some parameters in the record.

In NC-hops, I have programmed the drilling pattern according to this macro and the parameters. 



The big downside on this is that I don't see the fitting in 3D. 


So because I can't see the fitting and drilling in 3D I was looking into this direction to use a marionette so that I can place a 3D drilling with depth ="depth" and diameter="dia" on position x="EH/2" and Y= "26" for example. And accordingly place some extrudes parametrically that resemble this fitting.


So you're not sure this is a stable way to go?


Thank you for your help.


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I just checked out your marionette. 


The "Create Custom Object" node seems great, any hint where I can find the naming of the objects? Like Drilling 3D is "XG CPDrilling"? CenterPunch is ..., ...

Is there also a node to adjust the properties of the created drilling object? By propertyname for example?

I can only find SetIFCProperty which has input object, name and value but not sure if these are the same as object properties. 


If that's possible, I think it's not such a big deal that I (or extragroup?  @Stephan Moenninghoff🙂) create a library with these "Create Custom object"-networks wrapped into InteriorCad nodes?


Kind regards,


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The "Universal" (english) Names of the PIOs you can get by creating a Worksheet as example. The Formula in the worksheet will show you the Name. 

As far as I can see, you can start your drilling script with locus to test and debug. If it works replace the locus through the drilling. The Drilling you can insert. The Options in the Object Info Palette for PIOs you change with "Set Record Field". There is no need of creating special Nodes for that. 

As a Box Object your Marionette would work. Directly putting it on a part will be not a good idea as far as I can see it is getting instable. Because the part pulls out the drillings out of the marionette somehow and after moving marionette the move event does not trigger the right action to the part to release. 

Try it as a marionette box object. 


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When I use the marionette directly as a box object, Vectorworks crashes.

If I use the marionette in a macro as a box object, then I lose the flexibility of the box.

Adjustments are only possible via the symbol of the marionette.


The hole in the path object always has a diameter of 8mm and a depth of 12mm. How can I control them in the marionette?



Thank you for your feedback signal.

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