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Graphic card whackiness

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Frequently on the sheet view when zooming or moving, the screen does this freak-out before settling down after the mouse button is released.

Is this a bonus feature within VW2022 or some merely quirkiness of my particular GPU interaction?


If the later, could anyone suggest a particular setting which I might tweak to get rid or minimise of this?


Many thanks


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Check and see if your drawing is located a long way from the User Origin.  If so, you need to take a look at the Georeferencing options to move the drawing closer to the drawing center but still be able to display the correct location/dimensions.


The accuracy of drawing is poor when you are a very long way from the origin.  Anything more than a few kilometers (I vaguely remember someone saying 15km one time) can cause this kind of rendering artifacts.

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for me, most of the whackiness is in annotation viewports using hatches.  The settings seem so messed up compared to 2021, even zooming in and out will cause it to flicker (and lag) and go mad.... the scale of hatches when first used in 2022 seems to be off v. 2021 and it scales back to and forth each zoom  (if that makes sense!)

This is on both an intel iMac and M1 Mac Pro 

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I have recently experienced this on a windows machine in 2022.  The file has some aerial photography and various 2D CAD illustrations floating over the aerial.  It started happening as the page count increased and a corresponding increase in the file’s total viewport count.  I’ve seen similar in 3D, but not 2D until using 2022.  Maybe this anecdotal evidence will help figure it out 🙂


I’ll have to open it on my Mac and see if the behavior is replicated.

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Not so complicated viewport in this instance. I placed our marker symbol which is page based and that triggered the glitch.

Note that the titleblock is also page based. The plugin script places the symbol and then collects and manages the text.

Saving and reverting to saved will remove the ghost and fix the glitch which I am unable to capture using the basic screen capture method of Win 10.

Send me a PM if you think a copy of the file could be of assistance.

VW build 653494


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