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Vectorworks architect required for remote work

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Hi, I am a highly experienced architect licensed in California.  My wife is an Italian architect, we live in Italy.  For the last 3 years we have been working remotely for an architect in California  among other things.  The work is mostly 3D design and construction drawings on mid rise apartments using modular factory built units.   But his work has slowed down a lot so we are looking around for other work.  I have experience in just about every aspect of small to medium projects.  I am a beta tester for VW so I know the program pretty well.  If you are still looking and think there could be a fit let me know and I can send samples, cv, et.  


Regards, John

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Hi Sara,

I'm a registered NZ architect with 20 years + experience with Vectorworks. I have recently relocated to Nelson New Zealand from Auckland. I have run my own practice for many years but I am looking at moving into more of a practice support role providing contract draughting / detailing / documentation or whatever services are required. If you think this may be of use to you now or in the future please email me and I can send links to examples of work / documentation. 


VW architect 2022 on Mac







Philip Guy


022 4234444

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Hi @Sarah Blacker Architect


>>  Melbourne Based - Offering remote work with Vectorworks Architect & Twinmotion  <<


I have vast experience working on commercial & residential projects - international/national automotive trade shows, e.g. 7 years for BMW Group throughout Europe, as well as working on events, product launches, commercial spaces and brand environments ... as an interior architect, project & production manager, …






  • areas - commercial fit-out, trade shows, events, hospitality, retail
  • creative & strategic development
  • 3D modeling
  • real-time visualisations / renderings
  • technical production knowledge commercial fit-outs, signage & CNC
  • technical documentation commercial fit-outs


  • Vectorworks Architect 1997-2024
  • Twinmotion 2019-2024
  • Adobe Creative Cloud / Membership

Looking very much forward hearing from you.




Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+Archviz+ARCHITECTURE+01.PNG

Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+Archviz+ARCHITECTURE+02.PNG

Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+Archviz+BATHROOM.PNG

Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+Archviz+COFFEE SHOP.PNG

Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+Archviz+PRODUCTS.PNG

Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+Archviz+RETAIL SPACES.PNG

Grethe Connerth - Displays & Signage - Technical Documentation - 01.png

Grethe Connerth - Displays & Signage - Technical Documentation - 02.png

Grethe Connerth - Displays & Signage - Technical Documentation - 03.png

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