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Why is resource selection taking an age?

Tom W.


I've been ignoring this for several months now but thought it was about time I sought advice. Whenever I select a resource from a style drop-down in the Tool Bar, the attributes palette, any of the 'replace' dialogs, etc it takes an AGE (9 secs of spinning beach ball) for the Resource Selector dialog to present itself. I've instead taken to wherever possible finding the resource in the RM + double-clicking it to select it as a way of avoiding the wait.


Any ideas what's going on?


I'm not sure when exactly this started or what might have caused it. Everything else is working fine.


Any tips on how to get things snappy again greatly appreciated.



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2 hours ago, Boh said:

takes 3 seconds for me


Ha ha but this is presumably longer than selection in any of the other modes takes, having cut your Favorites files back to three...? Perhaps it's just an idiosyncrasy of symbol replacement that it takes longer than everything else...? I don't think I ever remember it being instantaneous for me...i.e. before I had any favourites 

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What I have found is when you use vectorworks favourites it has a delay when it looks through all the symbols but now instead of using that method to hold any of our symbols, styles or anything. what we did was create a shared workgroup folder on our server that was a copy of the local vectorworks library then placed our custom symbols into the folders within the symbols and styles and anywhere else we needed templates or anything then add the folder the workgroup library from within vectorworks preferences workgroup and project folders and this made the whole process of using the symbols a lot quicker for both replacing symbols and for placing them in from the library. I use no favourites at all now and it seems a lot quicker this way. havent tested favourites in 2023 but I am still using workgroup and is a lot quicker in all releases, especially if you have a large library.

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