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VRML not working


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I just try to export a NURBS surface as a VRML file to view on a browser with a a specific plugin... and get a empty file!

The original file is generate by our sail design software. He can export as a VRML file, but can't change the colors and don't look so good. Then I import the shape in VW, get my polygons or nurbs the way I whant (light color...), select a high definition and ask renderworks to export the file. 300 mb later my browser (safari or explorer) show a black and empty!

Any one has been ussing the VRML with more success? where is the trick!

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Is the file size 0 kb?

Or are you opening in a program to view it and you don't see anything?

What version VRML file is supported by the program you are trying to open the VRML file with?

The VRML browser needs to support version 1.0 files to be able to read it.

VW exports as version 1.0.

[ 09-29-2003, 04:51 PM: Message edited by: Katie ]

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Hi Katie,

The file size is over 180Kb, and I use the cortona VRML 4.1 client for mac OSX. I place the files on a web server: the ones from VW display a black screen, the ones from my old design software show all right.

The cortona 4.1 is the only client I found for OSX (I think he take 1.0, will check with cortona!). I will apreciate if you could indicate any other web plugin to use with the files I export from VW on VRML format.



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