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The simplest plant tag system possible - is what I'm looking for


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I have a plant list (.csv or .txt) that is just species, plant spacing, and numbers available of each plant:


Species     spacing     available_units


I want my tags to just show species, count, spacing, and to see how many plants I have left that are allocated to the job.


I do not need or want plant symbols showing (Id rather not use them at all as it just makes file overlarge and is just map clutter), I just want a tag to a polygon. Is this possible? I've tried and get lost in a mass of dialogs, and just go back to what I've always done.


Do I have to use the Landscape Area objects?, as there seems to be more mucking around compared with closed polylines/polygons.


How do I set this up to be as simple as possible?

Can I have a specific list for each job rather than go off a master list?


VWs whole plant DB ecosystem has never gelled for me, it is simply more info than I'll ever need (and lacks a lot of utility/control that I need).

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