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No Rendering in Perspective Projection


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Has anyone ever heard of Renderworks refusing to render in perspective view? My machine will not render in perspective projection. It will do in every other projection (which turns out to be a big dark block. I need to use the walk through tool to get indoors and render but this glitch is keeping me from doing so. Anyone have any suggestions? [Mad]

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sure youre not looking straight at a solid wall or youre 'standing in' a wall? are u setting up the desired perspective in wireframe mode or other? ive found a few times that if i walk-through in openGL and find the spot i want where im 'standing' near a wall, when i try a final quality rw render it renders up a dark block as u mentioned... i try to walk forward a few inches and it renders fine (ie there was something in the way of the view). try walking through in open GL if youre doing it in wireframe, see if it still gives u nothing if youre not standing near any obstructions...

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I myself have done that a few times but this is not the case. I am not standing in a wall or directly in front of anything. When I render, it stays blank and usually when you render, you see the bars moving at the top left of your screen to show you progress on the render, and that doesn't even show up. It's like the program completely ignores me. [Roll Eyes]

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