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do i have renderworks?


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just got my latest vw cd and it is supposed to have renderworks with it, but going thru the setting preferences in chapter 2, I don't have the ability to click on the renderworks options in the document preferences window. any help would be appreciated.

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If you have RenderWorks with VW/Architect shouldn't you be able to set your options in the "Document Preferences" window? It won't let me click on the "RenderWorks Options" tab. I paid for RenderWorks but I guess NNA sent me the VW10.1.2 upgrade disc without RenderWorks. How can you tell if it's on the CD?

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VW 10 has one serial number unlocking the components of VW which were purchased.

If you are not getting RenderWork menu's at all in the VW application, RenderWorks is not installed. Go to the VW folder and see if you see RenderWorks Library file. If you see it, then it's installed, just not working properly.

THat can be because of several things. One being QuickTime not being installed or not being installed properly.

It could also be an extension missing issue if you are on OS9.

(including that information will determine the problem easier)

If you don't see RenderWOrks Library file in the VW folder, or you don't see the Textures folder- then RenderWorks is not installed.

If you think you bought RW, you can contact your Sales Rep at 888-646-4223 and they can look up your account to see if you did or not. They can also verify your serial number to see if there is an error in your serial number.

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