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It seems i recall some discussion several months ago about quicktime 6 updates affecting VW somehow. I believe it was before VW10 came out. I avoided getting QT6 until I had OSX and VW10, and never had any problems.

Anyway, perhaps if you update either VW, OS or both, the problem will go away.

Otherwise, did you keep the old QT4 or did it get completely replaced by 6?


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I would check quicktime/apple's website to see if it is available. (i doubt it) otherwise, i know many old installation disks (maybe even vw) came w/ quicktime as part of the package.

I would also look for updates for OS and VW. I can't remember where they maxed out before they both went to their version 10, but it is possible there is another step up before having to pay for a new version.

I must say I enjoy VW 10 and OSX, but then again my company paid for it. It is a different story when you have to pay the money yourself to upgrade.

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When you install QuickTime 5 or later you need to install a CUSTOM installation rather than the defualt "typical" installation.

After selecting custom from the installation dialog box, the following dialog gives you a list of components to install. Select all of them and finish the installation.

You'll have no problems exporting images at that time.

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Hi Katie,

I know this isn't technically a VW question, but you recommended performing a custom install of QT 5 or up so that exporting images works properly in VW 9.5.3. I recently upgraded my home computer to Mac OS 10.2.1, I'm still running VW 9.5.3 and I just downloaded QT 6.0.3 update. When I installed QT, the option to customize the intallation was greyed out, and now I get the same error message as before in OS 9.2.2. Any thoughts how I can get around this?



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I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM.... So after I upgraded to quicktime pro I can no longer export any kind of image file. I've tried to export as a Photoshop Doc, quicktime file or tif file and nonme of them can be opened by photoshop or a quicktime viewer... any suggestions?

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Because you are UPDATING and not INSTALLING.

You'll need to remove your current version of QuickTime and download the INSTALLER for the full version of the application and install it.

THe updates just update whatever is installed. They do not allow you to perform an installation other than what the current version was installed as.

If QT 6.x was installed as typical, all updates are not going to allow you to install anything other than typical.

If you have problems installing this or removing this, please contact Apple.

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