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What RenderWorks textures do you need?

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Originally posted by SDesign:

I would like to see textures of most of the common roofing materials including roof tiles, metal deck and corrugated roofing. Different colours for each of the materials are needed


The different colors could be handled by making the textures filtered images instead of just image color.

I'd like to see some Default textures that give good values for the other shader options beyond just the Image color. For instance a good Laminate texture that sets up the reflectivity and the bump to accuratly simulate different types of laminates. What I still find difficult sometimes, is knowing which attribute of which shader to adjust to get the reflectivity and bump that will make any given texture look realistic, Often mine are too shiny or have no surface texture at all.


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I could use more interior textures. More types of carpet wood/tile floors and walls.

There have also been a lot of times when I would have LOVED to access the image file the texture is based on to change something. Please make these image files available.

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Originally posted by AndyM:

I could use more interior textures. More types of carpet wood/tile floors and walls.

I agree, especially if they use the other shader options beyond just Image Color


Originally posted by AndyM:

There have also been a lot of times when I would have LOVED to access the image file the texture is based on to change something. Please make these image files available.

I pretty sure the texture folder in VW 10 contains the image files used to create the Image Color. I'll have to check when I get home tonight.

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Originally posted by Chris Manus:

I hope you're also focusing

on radiosity and a quicker rendering engine?



We consider speed to be the higher priority of these two items. With VectorWorks 8, 9, and 10 there has been steady increases in speed which will continue into future versions. Radiosity is important to users who need the absolute best quality in rendering but for the near term we plan to focus on the basics: speed, texture content and placement, and reliability.

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I have switched to C4D and no longer use RenderWorks for any *real* renderings. However, radiosity had nothing to do with my jumping ship. I think speed improvements are always important but even more important would be to add some of the basic features all of the major 3d apps have. For example: cameras that you can move around, lights with real cones that don't act goofy when you zoom, an include/exclude feature, visible light (doesn't have to be volumetric), real open GL previewing, and multiple display views.

VectorWorks s a great CAD package and I think the shaders are REALLY good for a CAD program. NNA should forget the advanced stuff (animation and radiosity) until they catch up to what the pure 3d programs had several years ago.

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Greetings AndyM

Maybe you can answer some of my questions?

1.Do you do large architectural Models? Have you compared rhe two rendering times?

No, I don't do architecture. But there are plenty of people who do use C4D for architectural renderings.

Look Here:

And here:

2.Do you have problems exporting to C4D and visa

versa?I believe there are a few bugs?

There are a few bugs, but the added power more than makes up for it. Some objects won't export without being converted to 3d polys, lofts for example. The scale is also wacky. Everything is much larger after exporting.

So far I have been able to work aroung everything. If you want to go from C4D back to VW you have to go the dxf/dwg route. There is no plugin for that.

3.I noticed the 3D model tools are far superior

in C4D.Can you model Say complex Geometric stairs and export to VWA Models ?

The modeling tools are very powerful, but they are not geared toward architecture. I find them frustrating and confusing, so I model everything in VW.

4.Can one do Xsections thru Models?

Don't know

5.What sort of animations are you doing.How many Polys?File size and how Long to generate?

I will do anything short of character animations. Camera flythroughs, lighting changes and moving objects. I recently rendered a 10 second 320x240 quicktime clip with shadows and 130k polys in less than an hour. That yielded a 3.2MB file. The resolution is really low but it is e-mailable, much larger and not everyone could receive it. I rendered 3500x2600 stills from the same file in 3-5 mins each.

Hope that Helps!


[ 06-28-2003, 10:56 AM: Message edited by: AndyM ]

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hi Sean,

I second the vote for more interior textures.

As furniture is my work, it would be far more convenient for me to have a bigger range of wood, metal, plastic, leather, etc. rather than having to manipulate the "base" textures.

I would also very much like (wood for example) textures that display well in close - up. Rendering for example a chair with wooden components looks OK at a distance, but with the wood grain correctly scaled, detail views get very crusty.

The other thing that would be a major improvement is improved texture mapping.

For instance, if you take a 3-D object and do a solid subtraction from it, the perimeter mapping option is lost from that object. With complex objects, especially NURBS, the plane, sphere, and cylinder mapping options are a poor second best. In fact, the display of textures on 2 identical objects, one of which has had a subsequent solid subtraction, is quite a visibly different. This is "not a good thing".

Of course, being able to control the "fuzziness" of Ray-traced shadows would be a major bonus! :-)

that's my 2c



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The included textures are just fine.

I believe most of us put a lot of time into making custom textures, so I think it would be better to make this task easier, than to include more stock textures with Renderworks.

The ability to cut, copy and paste within the texture dialogues would be cool.

Also the ability to convert any imported, pasted or dropped image in the workspace into a texture (using its present size as the default size of the texture).

The ability to quickly preview the texture from within the dialogues would sure save me a lot of time: How much

ambient, specular & refraction is just right?


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Message to all: the current version of the VW-C4D plugin was the first one ever. It was based on the functionality of the VW-Artlantis plugin. Every bug that has been mentionned in this thread has been reported to Maxon. The next version will take care of those, and probably go a couple of steps beyond that.

Kind regards,


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On Monday, October 6, 2003, at 11:37 AM, dennis postula wrote:


> "LightWorks is embedded in over 80 software applications and used by

> more than 1 million users worldwide, far more than any other renderer.

> Mac applications that incorporate LightWorks include: form.Z from

> auto-des-sys, VectorWorks from Nemetschek NA....)this is a quote from lightworks website:


> http://www.lightworkdesign.com/full_pr.php?prid=76


apparently it is not true,

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To Sean and interested members;

a clearer explanation of Lightworks/LWA:


Thanks for your email and for highlighting this issue.

As Dave Donley has correctly pointed out in the thread which you referred to, VectorWorks is not LWA-Enabled.

VectorWorks is mentioned on our website as one of the 80+ software applications which integrates LightWorks as its rendering engine.

I am sorry if you were confused by something you read on our website but hope that this matter is now clearer.

Thanks for your interest in LightWorks!

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Sean, More textures would be nice, but I think it would be much more useful for you to make RenderWorks LWA-Enabled. This would give us access to a large library of real-world materials (and lights apparently) from AEC material manufacturers. From what I can see most LWA materials are based on shaders not textures, so theyll avoid the need to map textures without distortion which I always find time consuming.

I think a previous message in this thread was a bit confusing: RenderWorks IS based on Lightworks, so im guessing its easy to make it support LWA files, sounds like a nobrainer! There are loads of materials and extras downloadable from the www.lightworks-user.com site. Also LWA supports amazing plugin shaders like this blurred reflections one one http://www.lightworkdesign.com/lw_image.php?img=blurred_plugin_shader

When I spoke to Lightworks at SIGGRAPH they said there will be even more AEC material suppliers stuff available in LWA format in the future, if that happens it sounds like its going to be a great way for us to get loads of new real-world materials without you having to create more textures.

Thanks for your time! Lance

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