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Freelance VectorWorks designer required for exhibition design

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We are a design agency based in London, UK, working on branding and exhibition design projects. We are looking for freelancer VectorWorks designers to collaborate with on 2D and 3D aspects of our projects. 


The position can be fully remote and will be based on an adhoc, project by project basis rather than a fixed term contract.


Please get in touch with a portfolio and an overview of your previous work experiences.



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I am interested in your project proposal, please check my profile and if you need specific examples just ask me for them. We can chat anytime or have a video meeting.

I have done recently a couple projects for exhibitions in festivals.

Thank you!


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I found your post for vectoroworks freelance work interested.

I am an excellent vectorworks exhibit designer and my portfolio site is https://www.behance.net/masahiroogyu.

Through my extensive experience in the use of scale models, sketches, animation, and 3D computer programs, I’m able to fully visualize 3D concept development. I also have
extensive knowledge of the fabrication process — from materials to finishes to structural details — and can execute a design process to the bidding stage.

I hope to hear from you soon.



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Hi @Collaborate Design


>>  Offering remote work with Vectorworks Architect & Twinmotion  <<


I have vast experience working on commercial projects - international/national automotive trade shows, e.g. 7 years for BMW Group throughout Europe, as well as working on events, product launches, commercial spaces and brand environments ... as an interior architect, project & production manager, …






  • areas - commercial fit-out, trade shows, events, hospitality, retail
  • creative & strategic development
  • 3D modeling
  • real-time visualisations / renderings
  • technical production knowledge commercial fit-outs, signage & CNC
  • technical documentation commercial fit-outs


  • Vectorworks Architect 1997-2024
  • Twinmotion 2019-2024
  • Adobe Creative Cloud / Membership

Looking very much forward hearing from you.









Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+Archviz+PRODUCTS.PNG

Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+Archviz+RETAIL SPACES.PNG

Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+Archviz+TRADE+SHOW.PNG

Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+ArchvizEvent+Environments.PNG

Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+Archviz+COFFEE SHOP.PNG

Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+Archviz+AUTOMOTIVE.PNG

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