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New Texture Creation Properties


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Hey everyone

Just wondering some things for when I create a new texture, particularly the Image properties. I've figured out what Image Colour is, and I know what Image Bump/Image Transparency etc DO but am not exactly sure how they work. For example, with an image bump, is the the black surfaces that become raised or the white ones? What happens if it is a greyscale image? How does black and white affect Image Transparency and Reflectivity?

Any help would be useful - I just need something that I can print out because every time someone tell me, I forget whether black raises bumps...or white raises bumps....or white=transparent....etc etc....

Thanks [smile]

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello Nic:

For Image Bump, white would be the high spots and black would be the low spots.

For Image Reflectivity, white is more reflective and black is less reflective.

For Mask Transparency, white is opaque and black is transparent

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