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Is there a way to "surely" import a VWX file into another?



Hi All!
I'm currently working with two files referenced inside a third.
The design layer AND classes structure is coordinated between the three so that we can model and design at will.
Thing is that we are using the option for the referenced viewports to use the "host" classes visibilities, but each referenced file is split into several viewports each placed on the corresponding design layer so that when we layout in the host file, we see what we want...
Thing is that I'd like to "collapse" the two guest files into a single one, and "try" the project sharing way instead of the referencing and here comes my problem.
When I "break" the reference and tell VW to import the file, the design layers are imported with a new-name instead of importing the objects inside the existing design layers (which would have been just logic for me)...

So... is there a way in which I can "paste" together two different models of two different buildings that have the same design-layers, floors, reference levels, etc. and MAINTAIN all this very important information structures?

Thanks all in advance!!!

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Hi @arquitextonica

No, these is no singular function in Vectorworks that will allow you to merge the contents of two Design Layers that share the same name in seperate files.


Based on the circumstances you've described, because the 'Import Design Layers' option won't work when Design Layers in both files share the same name, I'd say the easiest path would be to copy the geometry in one file, then use 'paste in place' to insert them into the desired Design Layer in the target file. 

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Hi again @arquitextonica


(In response to your reaction emoji) Don't be sad! If this is a crucial or frequent workflow for you, I believe the complete procedure you're after (automatically introducing the objects within specific Design Layers into Design Layers of the same name in another document) could be achieved using one of the scripting/programming languages built into Vectorworks. Either Vectorscript (most suitable I'd say), Marionette (most accessible to noobs) or a custom-made Vectorworks plugin. There are experts in these on the Forum. Have a look in the respective Forums on this website for Vectorscript, Marionette and Python Scripting

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