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Mathematically round with node

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Hello Pat Stanford


22 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:


I want to be able to determine how to round.
For example, in the image above, I want to round down to a whole number.





In my opinion, the "round" knot is not suitable for all applications.


I miss:



Especially when I split a route, I need whole numbers to continue working. The problem is that the individual sections must have a minimum or maximum size (smaller than and larger than).


I still don't find my solution really good.


Are there better variants?



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Would either the 'ceiling' or 'floor' marionette nodes work for you? One rounds up to the next whole integer, the other rounds down to the next whole integer


ceil = 'Return the ceiling of x, the smallest integer greater than or equal to x'

floor = 'Return the floor of x, the largest integer less than or equal to x'



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