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Duplicating by: Drag and Copy + Tab (Length) + Control does not work - Windows

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Hi everyone,


I am currently using a German version of Vectorworks 2022. I am trying to duplicate while maintaining the original object using the above procedure. I understand in a MAC this same command would be : Drag and Copy + Double Alt. I could simulate this same action by Dragging + Tab (input distance) + Tab again + Holding Ctrl and right clicking. This is far from the simplicity of doing the same thing on a MAC. Am I doing something wrong? I get the sense that Windows is overriding this somehow.  Btw, I already clicked on the Preference Allow Option+click in place duplication.


This gentleman does the action from minute 11:54. It would make so happy to be able to do this so easily.




Thanks in advance for the help.



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Hi @fernicus01

Seems like holding the ctrl key blocks keyboard-input from other keys like tab or enter.
So in Fact on windows the workflow on my computer is:

1. drag object in desired direction
2. pressing and releasing tab (both Hands free now)
3. Enter the value
4. Pressing Enter once
5. Holding Ctrl. Key
6. clicking with mouse button

On Mac

1. drag object in desired direction
2. pressing and releasing tab (both Hands free now)
3. Enter the value
4. holding alt-key
5. pressing enter twice

So windows is one step more and my vegetative brain can't handle that in a smooth way anymore like on my mac.
(Too many steps and between the action using mouse button again is very un-elegant)

I would sware, this once also was working similar on Windows. But it seems also be OS-related because also my
VW 2016 (Oldest Version i can find on my Windows Computer) works this way.

I will do a report. I hope, that engineers can adjust the bahaviour.

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Hi @DomC


Thank you for answering my post! I guess it is what it is ,but if your report gets to the engineers and they fix it I will gladly appreciate that.

I checked your method for Windows and It works for me to, so I guess for now this is how I will do it.


Until later time!


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