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Hidden line rendering


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Hi guys

A question about hidden line rendering (I have had little experience with this before, obviously). When I hidden line render an object (or Convert Copy to Lines>Hidden Line Render) any surface that is curved comes up full of lines indicating that it IS curved (i forget their technical name). You know, like a cylinder has lines indicating it is round not a box. Anyway, is there an option that will tell the program NOT to render these lines, and simply Hidden Line Render a cylinder to look like a rectangle??

Otherwise I have about a thousand hours of deleting lines ahead of me!



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You can set the smoothing angle to a larger number which will reduce the number of lines drawn for certain types of objects. However, you cannot tell it to just not draw lines in certain specific circumstances.

The Smoothing Angle option is found in File>Preferences>Document Preferences - Line Render.

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